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Who loves us? YOU DO! And the feeling is mutual. Nothing against professional reviewers, but we get a kick hearing directly from YOU, our true critics. Here's what some of our favorite peeps have to say about our wines.

If you have something to add (a photo? story? compliments to the best looking wine family in Napa Valley?) feel free to give us a call or an email. We're also big fans of YELP, TripAdvisor, and Facebook...we appreciate any and all Salvestrin Brand Ambassadors!

"Salvestrin is a little winery (26 acres) that gets almost everything right.  This third generation grape producer has two exceptional wines in their Cabernet Sauvignon and their amazing Retaggio which is a blended wine.  They have wine tastings by appointment only and the tasting charge is waived if you purchase wines. Unlike the mega-wineries, we spent about an hour with Shannon, one of the actual owners.  You sit down in their tasting room and you get to know the history of the winery and the valley as well.  You get to see the passion that they bring to wine making and how integral it is to their lives.  I would highly recommend that Salvestrin be part of your St. Helena wine country itinerary!" -Rafa C.

"Salvestrin is the silver lining to the cloud of overtly-commercialized wineries in Napa.  No standing around the tasting room bar being ignored like other wineries in the area. My brother, his wife and I turned into the driveway at Salvestrin and even though there were signs saying tastings by appointment only we were immediately greeted and invited into the tasting room.  We stayed for about an hour and tasted all of their wines.  The girl who runs the tasting room was awesome, very sociable and also told us a lot about the wines and the Salvestrin family.  They have a great cab and their petit syrah is only available to their wine club because its so popular.  Luckily we were able to get one of the few bottles left. They waive the tasting fee if you buy a bottle.  If you're in Napa go visit Salvestrin." -Philip H.

"A visit to Salvestrin will likely include a personal conversation with the winemakers, a stroll through their gorgeous vineyard (and maybe a nibble on grapes picked fresh from the vine), and an otherwise leisurely and attitude-free tasting experience. Ah yes, and the wine -- some delicious sauv blanc and seriously well-priced cabs, as well as my personal favorite, their "Retaggio" red blend. You will be a hit at dinner parties when showing up with a fabulous bottle of wine from your secret boutique winery while the other jokers just bought whatever was on the middle shelf at Safeway that week." -Heather D.

"This phenomenal family owned winery has continued to impress me time and time again. Ever since I was first introduced to Salvestrin a few years ago, I seem to naturally gravitate toward their tasting room on each and every visit to Napa. And its no wonder why: their venue is beautiful, charming, and inviting; the staff is fabulous - welcoming, down to earth, and attentive. And the wine...well, its the best I've had AND they have remarkable price points!! I've ordered a ton off of their website; you get great deals as a wine club member (which can often include free shipping!). Their Sauvignon Blanc and Rettagio are a must; and keep your eyes peeled for the once/year Merlot harvest - you can't miss out on that one!!" -Athena R.

"Salvestrin Winery is a gem! I'm torn between keeping this place to myself or telling everyone I know.  My significant other claims he won't drink anything but Salvestrin sauvignon blanc ever again - it was that good. I agree, but leaned towards their reds - I bought some Retaggio (a blend) for every day and some of their cab for special occasions (like, um, Mondays). Tasting there was the highlight of our Napa trip, not only because we loved pretty much everything they make, but also because our royal treatment. Thank goodness they ship!!" -Erin M.  

" The Salvestrins are the nicest, coolest people and they just so happen to make really really great wine. You can tell that they have a lot of fun here and its a totally unpretentious environment [which I hear is becoming harder and harder to find in the valley]. The kids [ages 6, 11, 12] are constantly running around the vineyards and their grandparents live on property, too, so it makes for a very down home authentic family feel. Plus Rich Salvestrin is the owner/winemaker/farmer, so he's doing it all! -Katie C. 




Salvestrin Winery

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