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           We believe balance is important in everything we do and that is certainly true in our vineyard. Over the last five years we have been farming our 26 acres according to organic guidelines and have employed sustainable practices for three generations. There are an abundance of fruit and nut trees planted around the property that provide needed diversity and we use organic compost and annual cover crop for soil building and plant nutrition. By cultivating the soil in spring and early summer, we preserve natural soil moisture which helps achieve proper vine balance and reduces water demand.     

             Our estate vineyard is composed of two identifiable soil types, Cortina and Bale. Both are well drained and ideally suited to winegrape production. The Cortina series’ gravelly sandy loam makes up about two thirds of the property and is relatively challenging for the vines and contributes to the ripeness we achieve in our Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese and Zinfandel varietals. The Bale clay loam soils are made up of 18” – 24” of topsoil over gravelly loam and are well drained but with slightly more water holding capacity and fertility which makes for a good fit for our Merlot and Petite Sirah.  

           To maximize the flavor profile in the grapes, we balance sunlight, canopy, crop load and water on a given site. Once the grapes are in the winery we take a minimalist approach with as little intervention as possible. Finding the right combination of barrels is a critical step and then allowing the wine to spend time in those barrels to develop and concentrate requires patience. 


SALVESTRIN WINERY ~ 397 Main Street, St. Helena, CA 94574 ~ phone: 707.963.5105 / fax: 707.963.1382 ~ sales@salvestrinwinery.com ~
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